A Guide to Rome: Ancient Rome Accommodation Then and Now

a guide to romeAncient Rome Accommodation were naturally not as nice as todays, however if  back then one could meet the expense of it there were some great options, for example the domus (in this instance, a house, like a mansion).

However for the majority of Rome apartments (or the back of houses or on the bottom floor shops) were most of the affordable alternatives, making Rome the 1st urban, flat based people. The Rome apartments were frequently in buildings labeled as insulae. A few Rome flats were buildings 7-8 stories high. Lodgment houses were diversoria, in which citizens (hospites or diversitores) stayed in cellae ‘rooms’.

Usually, insula is regarded as a synonym for Roman condo building, even though occasionally it can referred to the Rome flats themselves called tabernae. The specific apartments in the insula were known to as cenacula (sg. cenaculum) at least in Imperial registers referred to as the Regionaries.


ancient rome accommodationNow of course the most posh hotels would possibly be the St Regis Grand. It first opened in 1904 where the cost of the room was only $4. It now how ever does “Cost A bit more”.

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Hotel Villa Spalletti Trivelli

When entering this hotel you are welcomed at the doorstep, you feel at home. It is enchanting in architecture i.e., bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, art, linens, etc, all the present day advantages in a traditional home with 12-15 foot gorgeous walls, stairways, moldings and ceilings. 3 big comfortable inside rooms for relaxing and reading

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