Applying for a USA passport for your baby

USA passport for your baby

A typical question asked by young families with babies is how can I apply for a US passport for our baby.

He’re the steps…

We recommend that anyone vacationing outside the United States have a legitimate passport, and this is also true for your child.

A passport is needed in many countries and you need to consult your travel locations should you not plan on having a passport for the baby.

To obtain a valid American passport for your young one you must:

Submit evidence of U.S. citizenship for your baby (e.g. Certified U.S. birth certificate)

Submit evidence of kid’s relationship to parents and/or guardians (e.g. Certified U.S. birth certificate)

Provide Parental Id

Present Parental application authorization document both parents need to appear together in the passport office, or one parent appears and submits a notarized declaration of consent permitting passport issuance for your child.

Finally Have 2 identical passport photos from the child

It is difficult to have passport pictures taken of kids under 1 year old. A complete front view of the babies head and shoulder blades is needed and parent’s hands or arms will not be seen in the image.

I would personally call ahead to the photo facility where you are intending on having your child’s picture taken and inquire if they regularly take baby passport photos. If they don’t you shouldn’t go there, as you do not need to go through the task of having the picture taken, standing in line in the passport office to get told the picture is not satisfactory.


USA passport for your baby


In case you have a low chair that will help your child to sit straight up (e.g. Bumbo chair) this could help in the photo studio.

~ The chair can not be visible inside the picture

Send the form, ID, photos and payments at one among over 9000 passport approval facilities

The charge for a US passport for youngsters under the age of 16 is $82.