Bait for Freshwater Fishing Tricks and Tips

Bait-for-freshwater-fishingI was fishing along with a friend a few days ago and we were doing the regular debate about who knows more about angling and Bait for freshwater fishing.

He told me something which I never even gave a thought about. Naturally I acted like I actually knew about it. :)

What I am referring to is super glue in soft baits. No, not to have the fish to stick to them whenever they bite! If youre utilizing soft baits, there is a tendency to slip down the hook after capturing a couple of fish or after about ONE HUNDRED casts.

This is what you do Slip the soft bait down the fishing hook (eye end). Put a drop of super glue on the hook and slip the soft bait back in the eye of the hook.

You now have no more sliding bait! Additionally, this will boost the life of the soft bait, and, obviously, more fish strikes, because the bait will always be on the hook correctly. This is a must for lures like D.O.A. shrimp.

Tube rattles tend to be something else not many people have attempted or heard about. You put these kinds of rattles into your soft bait to add noises. This can significantly increase your catch or size of fish.

Many people dont think about noises that fish and baits make, they consider their sight and perhaps smell, but sound is a large part attracting a fish. Audio travels around 4 times quicker through water than it can through air.

Also this is why it is stated over and over to be quiet when you are fishing inside a boat; just the boom of a hatch door can spook the fish which you were after. Anyhow, you can also use super glue to keep these tube rattles in position.

Something else to use with soft baits are bait weight loads. They are like the tube rattles, as they are put into the soft bait, but positioning is essential. For example, on a worm you might want to put the weight at the end of the earthworm to help in throwing below docks and construction.

Or you might want to place it by the shaft of the hook to acquire a faster drop on the bait. Test out this and I am certain that you will find numerous functions for these.

 freshwater fishing baitYou may also adjust the load by removing sections of the weight with pliers.

Onto hard baits like suspended and top water plugs. Truly, these baits are perfect just as they are, however the big complaint that I always notice would be that the hooks and the rings aren’t strong enough. You are able to switch these out. Purchase a better grade of hook and ring than is on the lure.

Attempt to stick with the same sizing hook and ring, since lures have been made to use a certain size connect and altering this size can significantly change how those lures work.

Nevertheless, using a stronger hook and ring can make the difference in getting a record fish or simply having an overstated fish story.

Now lets do something positive about your fishing pole. Its vital that you have top quality fishing gear to catch high quality fish again and again.

So, you recently spent good money on a good rod and reel and believe that youre all set.

Well, perhaps yes, but perhaps no. Are you aware that pole and reel balance is essential in catching fish? Using the reel on the pole, the pole must balance in your hand the tip should never drop. You will find balance weights that you can put onto the butt end of your pole to help to balance it.

This can increase the a sense of a hit significantly so you can set the hook on a strike. Additionally, it will give you more comfort while you are making a large amount of casts.

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So, next time you pick up your fishing pole, observe how it fits in your hand and check the stability.

Once you learn other small tricks and tips like these that will help other fishermen out, make sure you tell them.

I love learning new things, and that is what I try this for is to help other fishermen learn.


Each time I go fishing, I learn something totally new. It might be something as basic as a new knot, or not to attempt to catch a fish with a gator seated on the bank alongside you, but We are always studying and isnt that part of angling?!