Eating in honolulu hawaii: hawaiian style food at its best.

 honolulu hawaii foodWhen Eating in Honolulu Hawaii have a look at the local dishes.

Kalua pua’a , or roasted pork, since its processed in the Hawain imu and / or underground cook oven. Kalua pig is typically cured with sea salt and green onions. Many like the crisp skin from an entire roasted pig.

Filets of delicious, flaky white meat island fish which may be deep fried.

For anyone prepared to try nearly anything once, they provide poke, or raw fish marinated in lime or lemon juices with different condiments and a bit of coconut cream.

Generally offered in the Hawai’ian fashion of raw fish with sea salt, seaweed and red onion, we have chosen the extra favorable Tahitan preparation (poisson cru) introducing you to the island favorite.

So long as you want the perfect Hawai’ian style alternative, you’ll need to visit a local grocery store, back garden luau or little Hawai’ian restaurant to acquire a taste.
Lomilomi salmon.

In Hawai’ian, lomilomi really means to massage, or for this case to split the salmon into little pieces, that are then blended with tomatoes, onions, and other little condiments, creating a tempting tangy flavour that goes good with poi.

This form of fish cooking was actually unveiled to Hawai’ians by early western sailors. Some other primary meals could include grilled shrimp, crab claws on ice, grilled steak (pulehu).