Info and Advice on Belize in Central America



If  one  was to ask for Information and Advice on Belize, few people would know its in Central America.

It is a treasured find however, for those few who have found it.



Embracing the Carribbean Sea.

It’s the only English speaking country in Central America, surrounded to the north by Mexico and also to the west and south by Guatemala and it is home to the greatest barrier reef inside the western hemisphere.

Belize is seldom in the world’s head lines but was in 1968, while Dr. David Pendergast from the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada, found a sizable jade head at Altun Ha, one among Belize’s numerous Mayan archaeological sites.

A different time was in 1972, when the wonderful marine ecologist Jacques Cousteau discovered The Great Blue Hole, a nearly perfect circle surrounded by reef.

These are located at Lighthouse Reef Atoll, one of the numerous cays, or low raised sandy islands, filled along the length of the 300km reef.

belize-in-central-americaBeing a fairly modest country, around 22,960 sq km, which makes it a little bit smaller than, the US State of Massachusetts, this does not however make it small in variety.

Through the coastline scattered with mangrove swamps and lagoons, going westward, where within the north, you will discover tropical pine savannahs and hard wood jungles and in the south, greatly forested, lower laying Maya Mountains.

Created from limestone, these mountains are peppered with sink holes, a lot of which have not yet been discovered. Inside the district of Cayo, towards the west, you have 1000ft drops, the greatest waterfall in Central America.

The population of 330,000 offers diversity.

They’re an amicable mix of Maya, Mestizo, Kriol, Garinagu, Mennonite and East Indian that makes sure that any visitor, will get to see various cultures and can delight their tastebuds, by having an assorted variety of traditional meals.

Belizeans refer to their nation, as the Jewel, and they are rightfully proud of its natural splendor.

For a long period, the cays and seaside areas of Belize, have provided a variety of water sports, such as fishing and diving. Recently, there have been a rise in Manatee and Whale Shark viewing.

While inland, eco tourism is encouraged. The Belize Zoo is most probably unique, in that it only has native animals in its ranks however houses them within their natural habitats.

Amongst its popular friends are the Tapir or mountain cow, the nationwide animal of Belize and the Toucan, the nationwide bird of Belize. Belize is additionally home to a Jaguar refuge, one of the few for this 3rd biggest member of the cat family.

Additionally, there are adventure activities provided, such as river tubing and caving.

Belize really is a Jewel, a treasured find for those that look for a holiday which is different from the norm.