Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Hawaii

waterfalls in hawaii


One of the Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Hawaii¬† is located by the end of perhaps Hawaii’s number one hiking path (The Pipiwai Trail), this 400ft waterfall may possibly be the perfect reward after passing by a number of waterfalls also a bamboo forest during the trip. For such a high waterfall, it’s spectacular that this one additionally flows all year round and you can get straight up to its base. Certainly, it’s a homage to the simple fact that it sits in the secure lands from the Kipahulu District of Haleakala National Park for all to relish.

AKAKA FALLSmost beautiful waterfalls in hawaii

This 420ft waterfall is probably the Big Island’s very best waterfall and most definitely among the best in the state of hawaii. Given the very fact that it flows year round, it’s quite readily accessible, and it is so resonant of those types of waterfalls found in unreachable gulches and valleys. Ensure not to overlook this one!




PAPALAUA FALLS beautiful waterfalls in hawaii

This distant 1200ft waterfall on the northern coast of Molokai is regarded as the state’s tallest. It can be mixed up with the ephemeral Kahiwa Falls possibly because of rubbish info given by heli-copter pilots or misconceptions given by the topographic maps. Regardless, the case is the with nomenclature, those lucky enough to see this waterfall will surely not forget it.



WAILUA FALLS (KAUAI)wailua falls kauai

Not to be mistaken with the Wailua Falls on Maui, this ambiguous waterfall is located on the island of Kauai, and its easily among the most picturesque in the region. Perhaps this 80ft waterfall is made famous by its appearance on the initial sequence to the older tv show “Fantasy Island.” No matter the reason, don’t miss this readily accessible must see waterfall in the event you are visiting the Garden Island.





This secret multiple tiered waterfall is the focal point of the World Botanic Garden on Hawaii’s main island. Encased by exotic foreign flora and composed of a wonderful series of scenic drops, additionally probably among the most picturesque waterfalls on the island.