South America Culinary Vacations

South America Culinary VacationsSouth America Travel Top Culinary Destinations in South America

Within the last 18 years the World Traveling Awards are recognizing the very best in travel from vacation spots to hotels, the honors highlight the top places for travelers to experience around the world.

South America is rife with ancient temples, cultural, and natural sights and sounds; in addition it offers among the best food on the planet.

See the top picks for South America’s Top Culinary Destination for the Nineteenth World Travel Awards, from Ecuador to Argentina and all that’s in between you will not be disappointed with the dishes which are put in front of you.


Argentina is famous for its beef, as it is the 3rd largest beef exporter around the world, and also the world’s chief beef consumer.

It is therefore essential for you to try a few of its asados or beef barbeques with your Argentina holiday.

Argentina has several other great dishes all through its many regions, however you will find the largest variety of flavours and dishes in Buenos Aires, an ideal spot to sample the very best of Argentina’s delicacies.

South America Culinary VacationsBrazil:

Brazil commonly recognized for its gorgeous beaches and warm weather is additionally home to some delicious cuisine.

The national dish of Brazil is feijoada, this is a delicious stew made using black beans and pork and it is a must try on your Brazil holiday.

Brazil is additionally recognized for its Churrasco (barbecue) its common to eat plates filled with delicious meat that you can get at one of the many nearby churrasquerias.


With more than 2,647 miles of coastline it isn’t unexpected that seafood makes it in to numerous Chilean dishes.

However equally as common the incorporation of beef with the sea food, for instance one of the standard dishes of Chile, Curanto en Hoyo is a mix of seafood, different meats and bread that are wrapped in leaves and cooked inside a hole in the ground that’s filled up with hot rocks, not just intriguing but also incredibly tasty!


Referred to as the gastronomic capital of South America, its no real surprise Peru is among the list of nominees for the top cooking destination. Having the famous chef, Gaston Acurio, placing Peru on the map of the food scene, Peru is known as having several of the tastiest food in South America.

Try a few of the regional favorites from Lomo Saltado, Rocotto Rellena, or Aji de Gallina on a Peru holiday.

Other nominees, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Paraguay who in addition showcases some fine cuisine. With so many wonderful eateries it is not easy to choose which country contains the best dishes.

The only method to know would be to try all the fantastic cuisine through these top countries in the course of your South America travel.